What is Hallelujah Diet and health benefits offered by it?

Jan, 2021 - By WMR

What is Hallelujah Diet and health benefits offered by it?

The Hallelujah Diet is basically a plant-based diet that includes raw fruits and vegetables. It is based on a passage from the Bible and it promotes the consumption of whole foods and supplements for restoring the self-healing mechanisms of the body. Moreover, it also claims to reverse over 170 disease.

This article guides you whether the Hallelujah Diet helps in weight loss.

Hallelujah Diet basics

Pastor George M. Malkmus has developed Hallelujah Diet after receiving a cancer diagnosis, because of which he opts for biblical and natural way enables his body to heal itself.

Hallelujah Diet primarily based on a passage from the Bible — Genesis 1:29 — which declare that “God said, ‘I provide you every seed-bearing plant and tree that has fruit with seed on this earth for your food.'” The passage emphasis plant-based rather than animal-based foods.

Therefore, the Hallelujah diet replaces refined, animal-based, and processed foods with clean, organic, and raw plant-based foods. This diet includes four-step plant-based diet and supplement kits that are meant to clean the body from toxins that can damage the body. Moreover, this diet also offers organic protein bars, natural juices, exercise programs, webinars, and recipes as part of its educational resources. In addition to this, diet provide the Hallelujah Recovery Diet and Rescue Plans for a patient suffering from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), cancer, diabetes, arthritis, Alzheimer’s, and heart and autoimmune diseases.

Rescue plans are designed to enhance the immune system to reach maximum healing power.

Furthermore, there’s also a Perfect Cleanse plan, which is known as a fasting program. This program involves a 5-day cleanse, during which individual only consume 6 of their supplements and this is done in a 3 months. Therefore, Hallelujah diet claims to recharge the immune system in order to allow for the reversal of diseases.

How the Hallelujah diet works

The Hallelujah diet involves consuming 15% cooked plant-based foods and 85% raw plant-based foods. In addition to this, the program’s supplement kits are also designed to help in filling the nutritional gaps in order to enhance the health.

Hallelujah diet is basically divided into a four-step plan:

Step 1.  Consuming only raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds.

Step 2. It replaces dairy, meat, sugar, refined carbs, and salt products with healthier plant-based food

Step 3. The third step involves juicing and consuming the program’s BarleyMax supplement, unheated juice powder, and an organic to improve nutrient absorption.

Step 4.  Supplementation is the last step which is designed to offer vitamin B12, iodine, vitamin D3, selenium, and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) to preventdeficiencies.

This diet offers multiple supplement kits that vary depending on health status. Individuals can choose to start with the Get Started Kit, which comprises BarleyMax and fiber cleanse.

Alternatively, this diet can opt for Immune Booster or Detox kits or can be purchased supplements individually, including vitamins probiotics, and minerals, protein powders, superfoods, and menopause-focused options.

Moreover, individuals may also opt for an online quiz on the program’s website, in which the company can evaluate the health status and guide with a proper supplement kit as per the requirement.

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