Emergence of Covid-19 Leads to Increasing Demand for Office Furniture for Work from Home Spaces

Nov, 2021 - By WMR

Emergence of Covid-19 Leads to Increasing Demand for Office Furniture for Work from Home Spaces

Office furniture refers to movable items intended to support different human functions like eating, seating, and resting. The furniture is also used in the office to hold small objects for storage, or to facilitate working with computers. Office furniture is a form of art and is appreciated by all types of people. There are many types of office furniture and the main types are conference room furniture, computer furniture, reception area furniture, office desks, filing cabinets, stationery, table tops, and other related accessories.

Office furniture is also utilized to hold large objects at a convenient height for easy access, or for work. The furniture is generally used to improve employee comfort and promote business productivity. Furniture is a very important part of an office and its design should be such that it promotes the overall appearance of the office.

Office furniture manufacturers usually produce commercial or office stationary items like chairs, desks, tables, drawers, file cabinets, book cases, computer tables, podiums, shelves, computer desks, display units and more. These items are sold through retailers and distributors. Office furniture manufacturers are engaged in the business of creating, designing and marketing office equipment. Office furniture manufacturers source their raw materials from various manufacturers all over the world. With this global sourcing, there is a constant interplay among different office furniture manufacturers about the quality of the products they produce, where they source their raw materials from, and the cost effective ways of marketing their products.

Office furniture involves different types of furniture like cabinets, desks, tables, file cabinets, book cases, computer tables, podiums, shelves, computer desks, chairs, tables, drawers, and more. Some of the most popular types of office equipment manufactured by office furniture manufacturers are described below. Executive office furniture provides a corporate look for the executive class. These executive office furniture sets give an executive look to the workplace by combining sophisticated design with practicality. They are generally available in sleek and trendy designs that provide an inviting and spacious feeling to the room. These furniture sets come with soft, comfortable seats that complement the sleek and modern styling of these executive furniture items.


Wood is the primary material used for creating office furniture. Wood plays a major role in creating tables, chairs, desks, cabinets, shelves, etc. In most offices, the preferred material used is oak, cherry, birch, mahogany, pine, teak, and many more. But there are some offices that prefer to use other types of wood including plastic and metal for their office furniture. This depends mainly on the theme of the office environment. Apart from wood, metal and glass is also used in making furniture.

Executive Office Furniture

Executive office furniture offers a more formal and sophisticated look for the sophisticated professional class. They have sleek and stylish designs that have a professional look. The collection includes modern work stations with wide adjustable legs. The chairs of these desks can swivel to provide the user ease of adjustment. These are best for any type of business working style.

Executive desks are specifically designed for the executives who want to create a professional office environment at their residence. These desks are available in different sizes. They offer different armrests and drawers to make these offices more organized. The executive desks are suitable for both casual and formal work environment.

Steelcase and knoll create high quality office furniture with a contemporary and stylish design. Steelcase manufactures top of the line modular furniture. This includes corner modules that are designed for offices that have limited space. The steelcase designers use various materials such as chrome, metal, glass and wood to create some of the most beautiful and elegant furniture designs.

Conference Room Furniture:

This is the most essential furnishing item found in any office. It is an essential item for conducting meetings, and it provides comfortable and convenient seating arrangements for everyone. Conference room furniture means different things to different individuals. The meaning of each word varies according to the type of furnishings selected for the room. Conference room tables are designed to accommodate a maximum of 30 people while offering sufficient room for a conference room table. They are made from high quality material that makes them long-lasting and sturdy. They are available with or without arms. The conference room tables are available in different styles such as glass top, wood frame, pedestal and steel.

Office Chairs:

This furnishing provides seating arrangements in the form of chairs. These chairs may be add-on units or permanent fixtures. In most cases, office furniture means cabinets for storing files. Sometimes the storage cabinets are referred to as footstools. Footstools or chairs are of various kinds such as adjustable, swivel, pull-up, or single seat, among others.


Desks are meant for placing work materials on, either personal or for business purposes. There are various styles of desks such as executive desks, traditional desks, L-shaped desks, corner desks, square desks, panel desks, and many more. These come in different forms including those having drawers, hutches, and file cabinets.

Computer Room Furnishings:

These are computer furniture which are specifically made to fit into a spacious area, usually fitted with shelves, racks, cubby holes and hinges. This can either be wall-mounted or floor-standing. They are mostly available in white and black colors. In the twenty first century, computer room furnishings have become an integral part of every office. This has resulted in their growing demand and popularity.

Home Office Furniture

Home office furniture manufacturers sell many types of executive and home office furniture. They include cabinets, work stations, computer desks, home libraries and study areas. These manufacturers are engaged in providing quality products that are durable and offer maximum utility. These manufacturers also provide customized solutions to meet the requirements of the customer. Most home office furniture industry companies sell their products online. The Covid-19 pandemic has increased demand for home office furniture as there has been a significant shift to work from home. In a recent survey Commissioned by Oliver Space, 54% of all remote workers admitted to judging their colleagues’ office decor or furniture during virtual meetings and 64% decided to upgrade their work from home space.


The emergence of Covid-19 has led to increasing number of working class people to opt for work from home. This in turn has led to increasing demand for office furniture for work from home spaces. 

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