Hyperscale Data Centers in Finland: Market Shares, Strategies, and Forecasts, 2019 to 2025

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  • Published On : Jul 2019
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Impact Analysis of Covid-19

The complete version of the REPORT will include the impact of the COVID-19, and anticipated change on the future outlook of the industry, by taking into the account the political, economic, social, and technological parameters.

The 2019 study has 159 pages and 69 tables and figures. Growth is based on implementation energy efficient data centers. Access to locations across the world through strategically placed cables promise to make Finland the location of choice for a data center.

Google PUE of 1.1 in Finland is unmatched anywhere else in the world. Climatic environment is an asset in Finland as data centers need cooling. Scale is everything in the era of Clos architecture of the data center and optical transceivers for inside the data center. Data moves at the speed of light around the network inside the data center so scale is important. Outside the mega data center, the charter is to leverage international cable infrastructure. Plans are attracting investment in data communications access in Finland that provides worldwide reach with millisecond data transmission anywhere.

The study, “The communication of data accurately is a demanding task. The data centers in Finland are poised to be world-class, supporting inter connectivity to the US, Europe, and Asia.”

The market for Hyperscale Data Centers in Finland sector at $5 billion in 2018 is expected to be worth $17 billion by 2025. Growth is based on implementation of streaming mobile smart phone network connectivity, tablet use for mobile computing, Internet apps, cloud computing, IoT, and business process management systems (BPM) that support collaboration. 5G processes API components to support technology innovation and change. Hyperscale data center implementation is a key aspect of those aspects of web process making IT flexible and adaptable. Finland has the land and the renewable energy capability to make data centers efficient. The cold climate is a asset when cooling heat generated by the compute infrastructure.

Companies Profiled

Market Leaders

  • Google
  • Equinix
  • Fujitsu
  • Microsoft
  • Telia
  • Tieto

Market Participants

  • Cinia
  • Data Center Finland Oy
  • Digitice
  • Ficolo
  • Microsoft / Nokia
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Neoxen Systems
  • North Shore DC's
  • The Arctic Connect Cable way
  • North Shore DC Engineering Services for International Operators
  • Silent Partner Group of Companies
  • Telia
  • Sonera

Key Topics

  • Hyperscale Data Centers
  • Mega Data Centers
  • Efficient Data Centers
  • Google PUE of 1.1 in Finland
  • Finland Data Communication
  • World class data centers
  • Business Ecosystems Networks
  • Colocation Service Equipment
  • Round Trip Delay Table
  • Cloud Exchange Fabric Data Transport
  • Arctic Connect Cableway

Table of Contents

Finland Revenue Generating Datacenters: Market Shares, Market Strategy, and Market Forecasts, 2019 to 2025 1
Efficient Data Centers: Low PUE, That Further Generate Revenue 1
Finish Data Center Executive Summary 16
Finland Data Center Market Shares 18
Finland Data Center Market Forecast 19

1. Finish Data Center Market Description and Driving Forces 22
1.1 Finland: Business Environment for Data Centers 22
1.2 Economy Runs on Efficient Digital Data Networks and Intelligent Software Solutions 23
1.2.1 Cinia Group Leads the Sea Lion Initiative 27
1.2.2 Sea Lion Submarine Data Network Cable 28
1.2.3 Factors Supporting Data Centers in Finland: Low Cost of Energy 28
1.3 Finland: Data Centre Powerhouse 29
1.4 Data Centers to Generate Revenue 30

2. Finish Hyper Data Center Market Shares and Forecasts 32
2.1 Finland Data Center Market 32
2.2 Finland Data Center Market Shares 34
2.3 Finland Data Center Market Forecast 37
2.3.1 Data Center Growth 41
2.3.2 Data Center Revenue Market Forecast Worldwide 44

3. Hyperscale Data Centers in Finland: Descriptions 45
3.1 Data Centres in Finland 45
3.1.1 Data Centers in Finland 45
3.1.2 Data Center Risk Index: Finland 46
3.1.3 Businesses in Finland support good digital infrastructure 47
3.1.4 Finland Data Center Investment Opportunities: 63
3.1.5 Large-Scale Data Centres in Finland 66
3.2 Google 66
3.2.1 Google Seawater Cooling System 67
3.2.2 Google Finland Wind Power Purchase Agreements 68
3.3 Yandex 68
3.3.1 Yandex Heating a Finnish City with Data Centre ... 69
3.4 Finland Data Center - hotelmodularconstruction.com 69
3.5 Equinix 69
3.5.1 Equinix Finland Gateway Between the East and West 70
3.6 Ficolo €50m Helsinki Data Center - DCD 71
3.7 Tieto Construction of Finland Data Center - DCD 72
3.8 Telia Finland Oyj 72
3.8.1 Telia Finland, Telia Helsinki Datacenter 72
3.8.2 Telia Construction 74
3.8.3 Telia Renewable Energy Use and Consumer Home Heating 76
3.9 Data Center Operator Hetzner Online 77
3.9.1 Hetzner Online Finland Data Center Cheap Electricity and Free Cooling 78
3.9.2 Finland Offers Data Center Operations Competitive Advantage to Hetzner Online 78
3.9.3 Hetzner Finland Data Center Ready for Expansion 80
3.9.4 Hetzner Finland Trusted Data Center Location 80
3.9.5 Hetzner in Finland 81
3.10 Finland Aiber Networks Data Center 82
3.11 Data Centers Are Big, Designs are Complex 83
3.11.1 Componentization 83
3.11.2 Line of Business Loses Control of Hardware Servers 85
3.11.3 Mega Data Center Cloud Construction Complexities: Multi-Threading87
3.11.4 Mega Data Center Cloud Manufacturing Challenges: Scale 88
3.11.5 Data Center Infrastructure Construction Scale 91
3.11.6 Microsoft 92
3.11.7 Level of Mega Data Center Design Expected by Client / Supply Chain; Design Intent, IFC 92

4 Finish Data Center Technology 101
4.1 Finland Digital Services Ecosystem 101
4.2 Cinia cWave Reliable Connectivity Service 104
4.2.1 Cinia cWave Technical Features 106
4.2.2 C-Lion1 Submarine Cable Optical Infrastructure 109
4.3 Liquid Cooling 110
4.4 Microsoft Under-Sea Data Center 113
4.5 Major Vendors in Western Europe And Nordic Data Center Market 115

5 Finish Hyper Data Center Company Profiles 121
5.1 Cinia 121
5.1.1 Cinia Colocation Service 122
5.1.2 Cinia International Connectivity 124
5.1.3 Cinia Service Quality Measurement and IT Monitoring 125
5.2 Data Center Finland Oy 125
5.3 Digitice 125
5.4 Google 126
5.5 Ficolo 127
5.6 Equinix 128
5.6.1 Equinix Finland Data Centres 129
5.6.2 Equinix Cloud Ecosystem 131
5.6.3 Equinix Interconnection in Helsinki 135
5.6.4 Equinix Data Center as a Revenue Center 136
5.6.5 Equinix Certifications & Standards 137
5.6.6 Equinix Customers in Finland 139
5.7 Fujitsu 139
5.8 Microsoft 140
5.8.1 Microsoft / Nokia 141
5.8.2 Google Cloud Data in Hamina, Finland Provides Better Data Security than Data in Singapore, Managed by Amazon Web Services 142
5.9 Neoxen Systems 142
5.10 North Shore DC's 150
5.10.1 The Arctic Connect Cableway 151
5.10.2 North Shore DC Engineering Services for International Operators 151
5.11 Silent Partner Group of Companies 152
5.12 Telia 154
5.12.1 TeliaSonera Builds Finland’s Largest Shared Data Center 155
5.13 Tieto 156


List of Chart

Figure 1. Hetzner Finland Locations Serve Asia: 12
Figure 2. Data Centers in Finland Have Global Reach with Mili-second Transfer Rates 13
Figure 3. Google's Hamina Data Centre with PUE of 1.1 15
Figure 4. Finland Data Center Power, Market Shares, 2018 18
Figure 5. Finland Data Center Market Forecast, 2019 - 2025 20
Figure 6. Finland Cinia Fiber Optic Network Functions 21
Figure 7. Data Center General Construction Segments 23
Figure 8. Advantages of Locating Datacenter in North of Europe 24
Figure 9. Challenges of Locating A Datacenter in North of Europe 25
Figure 10. Cinia Has Finished Laying the New Baltic Fiber-Optic Subsea Cable Linking Finland And Germany 25
Figure 11. Google's Hamina Data Centre 28
Figure 12. Data Center Supply Chain Revenue Generation Functions 30
Figure 13. Finland Data Center Power, Market Shares, 2018 34
Figure 14. Finland Data Center Power, Market Shares, 2018 35
Figure 15. Finland Data Center Market Forecast, 2019 - 2025 37
Figure 16. Data Centers in Finland Have Global Reach with Mili-second Transfer Rates 38
Figure 17. Finland Data Center Revenue Market Forecast, Dollars, 2019 - 2025 40
Figure 18. Equinix Cloud Exchange Fabric Data Transport Between Data Centers42
Figure 19. Finland Data Centers 44
Figure 20. List of Selected Finland Data Centers 46
Figure 21. Finnish Data Center Campus and Site Opportunities 51
Figure 22. Finland Data center Investment opportunities: 62
Figure 23. Telia Finland 72
Figure 24. Hetzner Offers A Low-Cost Colocation Location in Europe 78
Figure 25. Hetzner Finland Locations Serve Asia: 80
Figure 26. Cloud 2.0 Mega Data Center Evolution 82
Figure 27. Key Challenges of Enterprise IT Datacenters: 85
Figure 28. Multi-threading Manages Pathways from One Node to Another Node 86
Figure 29. Google Mega Data Center Scale 87
Figure 30. Key Cloud Mega IT Data Center Challenges: 89
Figure 31. Data Center Infrastructure Construction Scale 90
Figure 32. Microsoft Data Center, Dublin, 550,000 Sf 92
Figure 33. Container Area in The Microsoft Data Center in Chicago 93
Figure 34. An Aerial View of the Microsoft Data Center in Quincy, Washington 94
Figure 35. . Microsoft San Antonio Data Centers, 470,000 SF 95
Figure 36. Microsoft 3rd Data Center in Bexar Could Employ 150 96
Figure 37. Finland as a Member of the Global Digital Services Ecosystem Company Descriptions 100
Figure 38. Finland as a Member of the Global Digital Services Ecosystem Companies 102
Figure 39. Cinia cWAVE Connectivity Service 104
Figure 40. Cinia Network 104
Figure 41. C-Lion1 Network Delay, RTD (Round Trip Delay Table) 105
Figure 42. Cinia C-Wave Capacity Service Options 106
Figure 43. C-Wave Available Capacities and Supported Interfaces 107
Figure 44. Benefits Of C-Lion1 108
Figure 45. C-Lion1 – Submarine Cable Description 109
Figure 46. Liquid Cooling System for Server 111
Figure 47. Microsoft Under-Sea Data Center 112
Figure 48. Major Vendors in Western Europe and Nordic Data Center Market 114
Figure 49. Hyper-Scale Data Center Companies 115
Figure 50. Data Center Scale-Of-Business Criteria 116
Figure 51. World’s Largest Cloud Platforms 117
Figure 52. Market Growth Factors for World’s Largest Cloud Platforms 118
Figure 53. Cinia Infrastructure Services 120
Figure 54. Cinia Infrastructure Services 120
Figure 55. Cinia Colocation Service Equipment 121
Figure 56. Cinia Colocation Equipment 122
Figure 57. Cinia International Connectivity 123
Figure 58. Cinia Supports Data Centre Capacity Business Operations 123
Figure 59. Equinix Finland Data Centres Features 128
Figure 60. Equinix Data Centre Private Cloud Benefits: 129
Figure 61. Equinix Data Centers in Helsinki, Finland 130
Figure 62. Equinix Cloud Ecosystem Services 131
Figure 63. Equinix Cloud Ecosystem Solutions 131
Figure 64. Equinix Cloud Ecosystem Data Centre Locations 132
Figure 65. Equinix: One of Six International Business Exchange™ (IBX®) Data Centres in Finland 133
Figure 66. Equinix Switches for Business Ecosystems Networks 135
Figure 67. Equinix Certifications & Standards Met 137
Figure 68. Neoxen Systems Partners 142
Figure 69. Silent Partner Consortium Members 153

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