Why Do Some People Get Attacked By Mosquitoes While Others Don't

Oct, 2022 - By WMR

Why Do Some People Get Attacked By Mosquitoes While Others Don't

Mosquito bites bother me greatly, and I detest getting bitten by them.

Researchers have discovered that the fragrance profiles of certain carboxylic acids our skin releases, rather than blood type, are what attract some people.

I detest being bit when I'm asleep and waking up with a horrible, itchy bite.

To determine what would explain this significant discrepancy, the researchers examined the fragrance profiles of the test individuals. They discovered a pattern: the participants with the best appearances tended to create higher quantities of carboxylic acids from their skin, whereas the ones with the worst appearances produced far less.

Carboxylic acids are typical organic substances. According to Vosshall, human sebum, the greasy layer that covers our skin, contains the acids that keep it hydrated and protected. De Obaldia notes that although the quantity differs from person to person, humans emit carboxylic acids at far higher quantities than the majority of animals. There is currently no simple technique to test your own skin's carboxylic acid levels outside of a lab, according to Vosshall. The new study included too few individuals to be able to determine what personal traits make someone more prone to create high amounts of carboxylic acids.

However, we are aware that throughout time, the amount of carboxylic acids in skin remains mostly stable. Consequently, an even odour profile results. Vosshall and De Obaldia discovered that people's beauty rankings stayed roughly the same when they repeated their tournament numerous times over several months. It didn't appear to matter what each individual ate or what brand of soap they used, or any other personal aspects that may have altered throughout those months.

According to who you are, "this attribute of being a mosquito magnet persists with you for your whole life—which is either good news or terrible news," says Vosshall.

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