Vitamin D to Diminish the Complications and the Risk of Death among COVID-19 Patients, Study Suggests

Jan, 2021 - By WMR

Vitamin D to Diminish the Complications and the Risk of Death among COVID-19 Patients, Study Suggests

According to a new study led by the researchers of Boston University School of Medicine have reported that COVID-19 patients who were hospitalized and had sufficient vitamin D, with a blood level of 25-hydroxyvitamin D of at least 30 ng/mL exhibited significant lower risk for adverse clinical outcomes such as hypoxia, unconsciousness, which further lowers the risk of death. Moreover, researchers also informed to observe that patients with high level of vitamin D had lower blood levels of an inflammatory marker and higher blood levels of lymphocytes, a type of immune cell that aids in fighting against infection.

Michael F. Holick, corresponding author from the Boston University School of Medicine stated, “This study provides direct evidence that vitamin D sufficiency can reduce the complications, including the cytokine storm (release of too many proteins into the blood too quickly) and ultimately death from COVID-19.”

In the study, researchers involved 235 patients, who were hospitalized due to COVID-19. Researchers extracted blood sample from the patients to evaluate the vitamin D status (measured serum level of 25-hydroxyvitamin D). Moreover, researchers followed up these participants for clinical outcomes such as to evaluate the severity of the infection, unconsciousness, and Hypoxia. Researchers also analyzed the blood for an inflammatory marker (C-reactive protein) and for amount of lymphocytes. The researchers then compared all of these parameters in patients with vitamin D deficiency with patients having sufficient vitamin D.

Researchers noted that patients with age above 40 years and with sufficient vitamin D exhibited 51.5% low risk of death due to COVID-19 infection in comparison to patients with vitamin D deficient or insufficient. Researchers also informed that high amount of vitamin D have the potential to diminish the risk of catching coronavirus by 54%, and helps to fight complications associated with not only with COVID-19 but also other viruses responsible for upper respiratory tract illnesses.

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