Vestas unveils the world's biggest offshore turbine

Apr, 2021 - By WMR

Vestas unveils the world's biggest offshore turbine

Vestas, a Danish company, is attempting to surpass GE as the market leader in non-coastal winds, by launching the turbine of V236-15.0 MW to do so. The blades of the latest version have the world's largest swept zone.

Vestas first joined the non-coastal turbine market with the launch of 500-kW V39 units at Tunoe Knob wind farm in Denmark around 25 years ago. Although since, turbine scale and energy output capacities have gradually increased, with GE Renewable Energy previously revealed that its record-breaking 14-MW Haliade-X would be participating in phase C of the Dogger Bank offshore wind project, which is expected to be completed by 2026. The latest concept is said to have the world's largest swept surface, totaling 43,742 m2, thanks to its three 115.5-m (379-ft) blades. It should also be suitable for sites with high wind speeds, as it is "rated to withstand IEC 1 severe wind conditions up to 50 m/s and IEC T up to 57 m/s," according to Vestas.

The first V236-15.0 MW prototype is expected to be completed in 2022, with serial development coming two years later and has a 25-year design lifespan. Vestas states that the "offshore turbine provides 65% more annual energy output over the V173-9.5 MW, and for a 900-MW wind park, it raises production by five percent with 34 fewer turbines". Depending on site-specific conditions, each turbine is estimated to produce about 80 GWh of energy each year, which is enough to power 20,000 European homes.

"With the V236-15.0 MW, we lift the bar in terms of technical advancement and industrialization in the wind energy sector, favoring building size," states Vestas CTO Anders Nielsen. "By incorporating Vestas' robust established technologies, the new model blends creativity with assurance to deliver industry-leading results while leveraging our entire product portfolio's supply chain." The new offshore platform sets the foundations for future goods and enhancements.”

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