Scientists Make Wooden Steak Knife 3 Times Sharper Than Steel

Nov, 2021 - By WMR

Scientists Make Wooden Steak Knife 3 Times Sharper Than Steel

Researchers found a more sustainable way to create sharp knives from wood that are three times sharper than a normal stainless-steel dinner table knife and 23 times harder than the original material.

Most of knives are made from ceramic or steel, which are man-made materials that requires forging in furnace under extremely high temperatures. A team of scientists at the University of Maryland came up with more sustainable way to build sharp knives with a naturally occurring material that makes the knife three times sharper than a steel dinner-table knife and 23 times harder than the natural form of the material.

The team found a new hardy form of wood and they explored its natural strength, which lies in the cellulose packed inside the material. Cellulose is the main component of wood that accounts for 40 to 50% of material and itself contains greater ratio of strength to density than many of the engineered materials such as polymers, ceramics and metals. However, rest of the wood weakens the overall limits and strength of its applications, as it is made of binding materials lignin and hemicellulose. The team found a way to remove weaker parts of the wood and preserve cellulose structures. The process consists two steps; in first step, the scientists partially remove lignin, which makes the wood soft and flexible. In second step, they hot pressed the chemically processed wood by applying heat and pressure to increase its density and remove the water.

Furthermore, the team then carved the hardened wood into a knife and applied coating of mineral oil, which stops it from absorbing water, increasing its lifespan. The coating also preserves the sharpness of the blade and makes it dishwasher safe. The team claims that this wood knife has three times more sharpness than a normal stainless-steel knife making it an eco-friendly alternative to ceramic and steel knives.

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