Reverse Vaccine Guides Immune System To Not Attack Lucrative Drugs

Oct, 2021 - By WMR

Reverse Vaccine Guides Immune System To Not Attack Lucrative Drugs

Scientists developed new treatment to prevent development of antibodies to fight drugs for haemophilia A and Pompe disease.

A team of scientists at University of Buffalo developed a novel treatment in which using reverse vaccination the body can be made defenceless against medications and to build immune tolerance. The treatment combines vital proteins and enzymes with a fatty acid to help the immune system endure foreign matter, and reduce unexpected dangerous reactions to the drugs. In conventional vaccination, pre-exposure of the body to drugs guides immune system to attack potential threats. However, in reverse vaccination this exposure is used for training the immune system to overlook the foreign elements.

Immune system can turn against the body in some conditions such as haemophilia A and Pompe disease. When such patients receive vital proteins and enzymes, their bodies receive these treatments as threat and starts attacking. Haemophilia A occurs due to lack of Factor VIII protein while Pompe disease weakens the muscle due to lack of enzyme called acid alpha glucosidase (GAA). According to the team, the treatment can be used in various drug therapies, for autoimmune diseases as well as allergies. Earlier research has proven the use of fatty acid known as Lyso-PS in building tolerance of immune system against the drugs. In the new study, the scientists created Lyso-PS nanoparticle having perfect size and features to be tolerated by cells without any difficulties. Next, the team tested the nanoparticles with normal therapeutic proteins in engineered mice having Pompe disease and haemophilia and the results were positive.

75% of the hemophilic mice prevented development of antibodies against the protein Factor VIII and most of the mice with Pompe showed considerably reduced levels of anti-GAA antibodies.  The treatment was effective in both ways, intravenous as well as oral. As per the researchers, this treatment could be effective against other diseases such as allergies, drug therapies and autoimmune disorders as well.

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