Researchers Devised Photodynamic Hydrogel Therapy For Dental Hygiene

Sep, 2022 - By WMR

Researchers Devised  Photodynamic Hydrogel Therapy For Dental Hygiene

A photodynamic hydrogel treatment for teeth has been developed by researchers that dislodges bacterial biofilms, aids in cavity prevention, and whitens teeth.

Poor personality can be exacerbated by tooth discolouration. Since many people in this area choose red wine and caffeine , it can be challenging to totally avoid the problem. some people seek out teeth-whitening treatments, which frequently involve a dentist applying a hydrogen peroxide gel to the teeth and using high-intensity blue light to create reactive oxygen species that help remove the stain. Although successful, these treatments can be damaging to the eyes and exposed skin due to the intense blue light. Furthermore, it is undeniable that these gels have the ability to produce enough reactive oxygen species to erode tooth enamel. While there is dispute over the medical significance of tooth discolouration and the necessity of tooth whitening, cavities are a more significant problem that can be caused by dental enamel erosion.

A photodynamic hydrogel dental treatment that breaks bacterial biofilms, aids in cavity prevention, and whitens teeth was created by Nanchang University researchers in China. Even though green light is kinder to the skin and eyes , the gel contains copper oxide and bismuth oxychloride nanoparticles which are already stimulated by green light. The gel is less harsh on dental enamel than standard treatments, according to the researchers, even though it also eliminates stains through reactive oxygen species. The gel eliminated 94% of the germs in a biofilm, according to the study's findings. The gel's capacity to prevent cavities in mice whose mouths had been injected with cavity-causing bacteria was also evaluated. Results showed that the gel treatment can help prevent both mild and deep cavities.

It is thought that this innovative dental procedure would benefit the populace more. It will not only make the teeth whiter, but it is also beneficial for cavities, which are a more serious problem that may cause a great deal of pain and agony.

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