Researchers Develop New Technique For Tracking Placenta

Aug, 2022 - By WMR

Researchers Develop  New Technique For Tracking  Placenta

Researchers have developed a new method to produce a better understanding of placental function in pregnant patients by integrating optical measures with ultrasonography.

A malfunctioning placenta can cause death, birthweight restriction, hypoxia, and other complications. The placenta is referred to as the "engine" of pregnancy by Dr. Arjun Yodh and Nadav Schwartz together with colleagues from the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. This organ is important in providing the embryo with nutrition and oxygen. The results demonstrate a noninvasive method for monitoring oxygen levels and offer a fresh approach to improving our comprehension of this intricate and important organ.

Far below the surface of the body is where the placenta is found. A optical signal is sent by the researchers, and it passes through the identical  tissue in ultrasound. Only exceptionally stable lenses, sensing, and light are able to reliably analyse tissue qualities from the extremely tiny amount of light that returns to the surface investigation.

In this study, 24 pregnant women in the third trimester received short-term supplementary oxygen treatments, which led to placental hyperoxia. Prior to and during hyperoxia, the researchers measured the placenta's oxyhemoglobin blood concentrations. The outcomes showed that the tool might be applied to real-time placental function research. Moreover, the study shed fresh light on the connection coupling blood circulation and vascular malperfusion in mothers, a condition that develops when the placenta's blood supply is restricted.

A noteworthy feature is this  investigations using hyperoxygenation can distinguish between a healthy placenta and a placenta that is ill in addition to the instrument's ability to probe deeper than commercial equipment.

The device is currently in development; the researchers are working to improve their tool's usability and speed up data collection. The team is also presently engaged in subsequent studies and is particularly interested in researching various parts of the placenta. These studies will include new data from patients during their second trimester

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