Nvidia is Set to Launch a New Range of Graphics Cards

Mar, 2022 - By WMR

Nvidia is Set to Launch a New Range of Graphics Cards

The graphics processor manufacture is set to cover the whole GPU market, in 2022.

The gaming audience has been advancing in their field of technology. All the newly developed gaming platforms are delivering major updates in technologies. Companies like Nvidia and AMD are introducing a new amount of technology in the market. Along with that Intel is also launched its Alchemist card for the gaming community. All of these companies are offering many more choices to the market. All of these new options are living the community in confusion. Every new product is offering something different feature for users.

To intensify this competition, Nvidia is releasing its three new graphics card models. The product lineup has been RTX 2050, MX 570, and MX 550. The company has not declared the official release date yet. Although the people are expecting these products to launch in 2022. The variety of graphics cards is targeted towards the gaming community. These graphics cards also provide support for creative tasks, like graphics designing and video editing.

The Nvidia has already in the process of releasing the RTX 3090 TI in January. This device has been an upgrade of their previous model RTX 3090. This model has been recorded as the most powerful and efficient graphics card on market. The upcoming model of the card will be released for entry-level. The new model of RTX 2050 will be featuring 4 GB memory storage. Along with that, the model composes a 64-bit bus and is built based on Ampere architecture. The building of MX 570 is also following the Ampere Architecture design. Nevertheless, the design of MX550 is utilizing the traditional Turing architecture for the design.

In the upcoming market year, the Nvidia graphics card are set to be cover most of the gaming market with their new range of products. All the new prototypes and RTX 3090 TI are set to build a prominent place in the GPU market. The company has also performed the re-branding project of their RTX 2060 card. This card now features 12 GB of RAM storage instead of the original 6 GB RAM storage. Still, the sales of this product are lower than the expectation. The gamers market seems to be unsatisfied with this new re-branding project.

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