Novel AR- Based System Improves Efficiency to Control Robotic Arms

Dec, 2021 - By WMR

Novel AR- Based System Improves Efficiency to Control Robotic Arms

Researchers developed a new system to control robotic arms based on augmented reality (AR) and brain-computer interface improving life quality of the user.

Completion of daily functions and house chores could be challenging for people with physical disability or motor impairments. Development in robotics such brain-controlled robotic limbs can efficiently improve quality of their life. A team of scientists from Hebei University of Technology and other institutes in China developed a system, which is based on a brain-computer interface and augmented reality (AR), plus it may allow prosthetic or bionic arms development that are simple to control for the user.

Brain-controlled robotic arm have many uses, however, they also come with some disadvantage such as poor flexibility that limits its wide application. In order to overcome these drawbacks, the team developed a systems that is integrated with AR technology allowing users to see enhanced version of their surroundings including digital elements, and a brain-controlled interface with a traditional technique known as asynchronous control for controlling robotic arms. The systems enables to get higher control over robotic arms and improves the accuracy and efficiency of the movements. Asynchronous control techniques imitate the ability of brain to differentiate between idle state and working. This new system created by the team adapts to the movements and adjusts the period of AR content provided to the user based on their state when they are using the robotic arm.

Moreover, the novel system enhances physical activities of the user letting them use robotic arm with more ease compared to normal brain-computer interfaces. When tested in various experiments, the system gave greatly promising results allowing the users to perform desired activities using robotic arm with 94.97% accuracy. Also, when the system was tested on ten participants, it picked single commands for robotic arm in 2.04 seconds. In conclusion, the novel AR-enhanced system can improve the quality of life by enhancing the efficiency of controlling robotic limbs and reducing visual fatigue of the user.

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