New Study Suggests Consumption of Coffee After Breakfast

Feb, 2021 - By WMR

New Study Suggests Consumption of Coffee After Breakfast

Research suggests that consuming a strong cup of coffee right after waking up after a disturbed night of sleep can enervate the body's response to glucose.

Most of the people have a tendency to consume caffeine immediately after waking up. The more lethargic one feels, the stronger is the dose of caffeine. A study conducted at the University of Bath recommends that having coffee first thing in the morning is not the right solution, as a strong dose of caffeine right after waking up can significantly impact the body’s response to glucose. Thus, researchers recommend having coffee after a meal. The study has shown that there are health implications that we were unaware of until now, especially when it comes to sugar levels.

The researchers conducted three varying experiments overnight with 29 adults. In the morning, they had a drink highly concentrated with sugar with the same amount of calories as breakfast after an undisrupted night’s sleep, as a part of a control experiment. This helped the researchers to collect blood samples for baseline glucose and insulin response of every subject. The other two experiments had the subjects waking up every hour overnight and they were given the same drink full of sugar the next morning. However, in one situation, this drink was given immediately upon consumption of a strong cup of black coffee. It was observed that there was no impact on the glucose levels of the people who did not get proper sleep at night. This was surprising, as the previous studies had reported metabolic dysfunctions after a single night of disrupted sleep. The subjects woke up for 5 minutes every hour throughout the night, whereas in other studies, subjects were up for 1-2 hours at once.

Beginning your day with a strong cup of coffee after disrupted sleep decreases metabolism by 50 percent. People should balance the benefits of coffee by consuming it after breakfast and maintain their glucose levels. However, a lot is to be studied in order to understand the connection between sleep and metabolism. Moreover, further research needs to be conducted to know the number of hours of disturbed sleep needed to disturb a person’s metabolism.

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