New Drone Inceptor Comes With Detachable Rotors And Net Gun

Jul, 2022 - By WMR

New Drone Inceptor Comes With Detachable Rotors And Net Gun

The novel drone inceptor is developed from components of racing drone and it incorporates two cameras to assess other drones and position itself under them

Technology has developed significantly over the years. There are various drones developed for capturing other drones. A new drone named Drone Inceptor designed by Aleksey Zaitsevsky, a Lithuanian hacker, is one of these drones that capture other drones. It uses detachable net pulling propellers to catch the other drones, and is incorporated with two cameras, one side-facing camera that assesses other drones and one upward-facing camera that helps the drone to position itself beneath other drones.

This new Drone Inceptor takes form of a quadcopter that has a very high power to weight ratio, which allows it to take off quickly and reach the targeted drone. It then circles around that drone taking a good look as one of the onboard camera helps the Inceptor with further procedure as it transmits live video to the operator on the ground. After assessing the other drone, if it required to bring it down the Drone Interceptor positions itself underneath it and on a command from the operator, the four propellers inside it quickly accelerate and get detached from the frame. Simultaneously, a Kevlar net to which the propellers are attached also gets released.

Furthermore, when these propellers start flying upward they pull the net between them to wrap the other drone. As the propellers get jammed by the net, the aircrafts starts to fall and the main Drone Inceptor also comes down with an automatically deploying parachute. While it descends it starts emitting a loud beeping sound so that it can be retrieved easily to be used again. This Drone Inceptor could be used for stopping a trespassing drone that entered a restricted region by deploying the Drone Inceptor after it.

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