Microsoft has collaborated with Shopify, an E-commerce company to offer vendor listings to Edge, Bing, and Microsoft Start

Nov, 2021 - By WMR

Microsoft has collaborated with Shopify, an E-commerce company to offer vendor listings to Edge, Bing, and Microsoft Start

The company recently announced a collaboration with Shopify to enhance product availability on Microsoft Bing, and the Shopping section on its Edge browser, and its newly-established news service, Microsoft Start.

Google announced a relationship with Shopify earlier this year, giving the e-commerce platform's more than 1.7 million sellers access to Google Search and other services. Microsoft is now proposing a similar agreement. Shopify sellers will be able to access the connection via an upgraded Microsoft Channel app, where they will be able to make changes to broaden their presence across Microsoft's platform.

Once configured, sellers' commodities will appear as free product advertisements throughout the Shopping tab in Bing, Microsoft Edge, and Microsoft Start. Google has been racing to solve this difficulty by revamping its own Google Shopping service, which it presented to digital marketers during this spring's Google I/O developer conference. The company then outlined their Shopping Graph, which would aggregate information from various websites, pricing reviews, and product information to assist users in determining where to find products, who had the greatest price, and so on.

As more users begin their goods searches on Amazon rather than the web, circumventing search engines and main page portals, Google and Microsoft's revenue may suffer. A relationship with Shopify allows both internet giants more direct access to numerous online inventories to promote and advertise, along with many listings that Amazon may not have. According to Microsoft, Shopify's connection with Microsoft will also let merchants launch new ad campaigns and evaluate marketing results in real-time reports in the Shopify store.

The company also stated that it had further shopping enhancements in the works for the future, but did not specify what those new features would be. Microsoft is one of several integrations revealed by Shopify in the last year. It has also recently partnered with Spotify to allow creators to sell products over their Spotify accounts, and it has been focusing on e-commerce solutions with TikTok.

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