Meta makes its first acquisition of a VR fitness app

Nov, 2021 - By WMR

Meta makes its first acquisition of a VR fitness app

Meta (formally known as Facebook) recently acquired the virtual-reality workout app named Supernatural.

Recently, Facebook founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, announced that Facebook is changing its name to Meta and wants to expand the “Metaverse”. The Metaverse has companies like WhatsApp, Instagram, PrivateCore, and Oculus VR under their wings. Now they have expanded their reach towards the virtual fitness app called “Supernatural”.

After the rebranding, Meta has confirmed that the studio developing the VR fitness workout app Supernatural, will be joining the company’s Oculus VR division. Meta wanted to work on the VR fitness app for advancement in their expanding metaverse. For that, they have a great platform like Supernatural, which has been very successful in VR fitness. Supernatural is popular because of its movement-based, high-impact cardio exercise regimens.

After the acquisition, Supernatural will act as a part of Meta’s Reality Labs. The company expands its staff with new choreographers, fitness coaches, and managers for its future work for the Metaverse.

CEO of Within, Chris Milk, and Head of Fitness Leanne posted on the blogpost, “We are excited because our partnership with Meta means we will have more resources to expand and bring you even more music, more creative ways to workout, more features, and more social experiences for VR. And of course, we will still be launching new workouts every single day.”

Supernatural is a flagship app for Within. Alongside the workout regimens, Supernatural has also been the host for numerous virtual reality experiences. For instance, the VR episode of Mr. Robot was showcased on the app in 2016. The company’s website also contains a few music videos and documentaries for entertainment.

After the acquisition of Oculus VR, this recent acquisition will be revolutionary for virtual reality gaming and social media presence. The financial details of this acquisition are kept in secret, but they are certain that this deal will be groundbreaking for the future of Meta.

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