Mass Spectroscopy in discovering Mitochondrial Enzyme “Super-Complexes”

Jun, 2021 - By WMR

Mass Spectroscopy in discovering Mitochondrial Enzyme “Super-Complexes”

Exercise helps the mitochondria to gather the necessary enzymes complexes and thus it increases the mitochondrial productivity of ATP in the skeletal muscular system.

Human beings functions upon energy. This energy gives by a chemical compound known as Adenosine Tri-Phosphate (ATP). Mitochondria is the organelle that is responsible for the production of this ATP. For that reason probably mitochondria has a nickname, “powerhouse of the cell”. The process of generation of energy is very significant as it starts with the presence of a substrate molecule in the cell, preferably Glucose, which undergoes a series of biochemical reaction to enter in to the mitochondria where the last bit of reactions related to energy generations are done. The process is known as “oxidative phosphorylation” that comprises steps like Glycolysis, Kreb’s Cycle and Electron Transport Chain (ETC). Many enzyme are linked with this cascading chemical reaction acting as biocatalyst.

Although the process is well known with all the chemical reaction and its sub-cellular locations, the localization of the enzymes of ETC running this process is not completely known. Scientists of university of Copenhagen has discovered a new proteomics technology enlightens about the gathering of the mitochondrial enzyme complexes, during Electron Transport Chain.

Proper physical exercise increases the efficiency of the mitochondria. Coordinated exercise training helps the mitochondria to gather all the necessary enzymes complexes and thus it increases the mitochondrial productivity of ATP in the skeletal muscular system. Thus, causing overall enhancement in the physical output. This study was proved by experimentation over two groups, where one is kept inactive and the other is prescribed with an exercise schedule of for a continuous 25 days.

To obtain much more clear result on this matter, mass spectroscopic method was used, by which the scientists are able to obtain clear and detailed data on the enzyme “super-complex” including its component element and their functioning. The result also differentiated with the components of the mitochondrial enzymes functioning for enhancing the ability of the skeletal muscle and those enzymes, having no function as well. These findings gave a lot of insights to the scientific community and will be very much useful to target several enzymes, whose malfunctioning can cause metabolic problems.

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