LG Has Introduced Their New Portable Codeless TV Stand

Mar, 2022 - By WMR

LG Has Introduced Their New Portable Codeless TV Stand

The prototype of StandbyME TV will be introduced to the public for providing moveable entertainment.

The LG corporation introduces its modern portable television device for the public. This television set is powered by a battery, making the device wireless. The model also has a stand with wheels for movable purposes. The user can move, flip and rotate the TV screen easily. The critics had given a positive review for this new model, but still, it is up to the general audience to like the product.

The product is available in two different models, the Objet and StandbyME. These models are developed as a modern take on the traditional television set. These new prototypes are going to be presented at the upcoming CES 2022 expo event held in Las Vegas. The prototypes have been designed to be fit into the modern and traditional theme of the housing.

The prototype of Objet has been numbered 65Art90, contains a larger frame for the support. This prototype has a 65-inch 4K screen with an inbuilt cover. If users don’t want to watch the tv, they can easily cover the screen up with the fabric cover. This cover has been made up of cotton polymer and synthetic fiber blend, making the cover lightweight and easy to maintain. The prototype has a square frame for stability, which blends with any type of room décor seamlessly.

On the other hand, the prototype of StandbyME numbered 27Art10, contains a much portable stand for mobility. The prototype contains a 27-inch LED screen, which is designed for easy portability. The single strand of the prototype allows users to place the device anywhere they want. The screen has built-in hinges to make the screen flip and rotate at various angles.

Both models have built-in battery backup, providing both devices truly wireless. The screen works on an Android platform displaying various OTT platforms, dates, and clocks. For the audio feature, the company has installed a 4.2-channel sound system. This similar model has also been utilized in other LG products like LG C1 OLED and LC G1 OLED.

For every household, the television set has been a center of attraction for the living room. The device has been modified by the screen and sizes throughout the years. Now making them portable for the users, is a big step forward in the future.

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