Jetson One, Ultralight Evtol Aircraft Does Not Require A Pilot Certificate

Nov, 2021 - By WMR

Jetson One, Ultralight Evtol Aircraft Does Not Require A Pilot Certificate

Jetson Aero revealed a recreational ultralight electric VTOL aircraft that you can build by yourself and it doesn’t need a license to fly.

Many of the startups are trying to reinvent aviation with personal aircraft that is similar to consumer drones with enough size to fit a human. A Swedish company Jetson Aero introduced its single seat, ultralight eVTOL aircraft, Jetson One, which can whizz along at 63 mph (102 km/h), can be built by anyone and does not require a pilot certificate or license to fly.

The Jetson One comes with four huge rotors in the place of wheels and they are built few inches away from an open cockpit with a seat for one pilot. Just as other eVTOL concepts, the Jetson One is also categorized as an ultralight, which suggests that it comes with limited performance and capabilities. The company already sold out the 2022 production run of this little single-seat aircraft. The single seat is installed in an aluminum/carbon fiber spaceframe making it a drone-style multicopter, having eight props that are coaxially fitted on four arms, and it puts out a peak of 88kW (118 horsepower). The aircraft can fly safely even if one motor fails. The triple redundant flight computers in Jetson One are designed to simply hover in place or perform an emergency landing when the pilot leaves the sticks that flies the aircraft. This system uses LiDAR terrain tracking and obstacle avoidance to keep the pilot away from trouble.

As the last line of defense there’s a quickly deployable ballistic parachute installed in the Jetson One. These 50 % assembled home built kits are priced at US$92,000 and the company has sold out the whole 2022 production run of 12 units. As it seems, there may be only three slots left for 2013. The 2022 production run are expected to be delivered in the fall next year.

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