Intelligent Audio Recorder Influences AI For Auto Transcribing The Recordings

Aug, 2021 - By WMR

Intelligent Audio Recorder Influences AI For Auto Transcribing The Recordings

‘AI Recorder,’ connects in artificial intelligence for automatically transcribing the audio.

Mobvoi – the Beijing-based company of wearable tech behind TicWatch smartwatches line – has introduced a device of digital dictation named as ‘AI Recorder,’ which taps in artificial intelligence for automatically transcribing the audio, proving it to be a beneficial addition to travel bags of the journalists, students as well as business folks.

Although many people will most likely use a smartphone’s recording capabilities these days, the dictation devices have been nearby in some form or the other for around a century. However, once the interview, conference speech, or lecture has been recorded to the preferred device, the monotonous and laborious task to transcribe the recording begins. Reasonably lately, softwares has been designed for transcribing human speech from video and audio files, where now the Mobvoi has connected artificial intelligence (AI) for a devoted dictation machine known as AI Recorder which automatically converts audio to the text.

This AI Recorder consists one year free subscription for a service of audio-to-text transcription that supports Mandarin Chinese and English at this moment, however additional languages would be added during time. Mobvoi states that utilizing a transcription approach which is AI-powered lads to a 94 % accuracy rate, including automatically generated summary, paragraphs and keywords too. This device offers wireless file transfer to any laptop, phone or computer over Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, and could serve as the local hotspot for enabling data transfer in places of zero internet connection. In the meantime, the battery of 300-mAh is stated good for around 40 days over standby or recording time of ten hours. This AI Recorder is now available for around US$99.99, including free cloud storage worth 200 hours, and a year access for the transcription service of audio-to-text (which would then cost $69.99 /year).

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