Image by Space Station Determines the High Speed of Satellite

Jun, 2021 - By WMR

Image by Space Station Determines the High Speed of Satellite

Mr. Thomas Persquet, the European Space Agency astronaut, has been in his new project to capture the astonishing image that conveys the high speed of ISS at which it orbits Earth.

It’s been earlier this year that the European Space Agency astronaut Thomas Pesquet has been clicking a lot of pictures of Earth and more after his arrival at International Space Station (ISS). There were a number of amazing pictures and also some with astonishing photographic effects. However, now his attention turned to new agenda to capture such a picture, which could determine the high speed of the satellite orbiting around Earth.

The altitude of ISS from Earth is about 250 miles. The orbital speed of ISS is 17400 miles/hour or 4.8 miles/second.  The ISS takes about 90 minutes to orbit once around the Earth. It orbits around the Earth about 16 times in a day or in 24 hour period. Despite the perplexing speed of the space station, astronauts do not feel anything uncustomary or strange while working and living there at space station far from Earth.

Thomas Pesquet recently posted the first click of his new project of speed determination. It was necessary to have 30 minutes of exposure, which reveals the space station as Earth and stars are nicely illustrated from the picture. Pesquet continued that the pictures are the outcomes of his experimental photo techniques at the space station. It clearly depicts the speed of the satellite at which it flies at 17400 miles/hour over the sky. The picture gives the impression and 30-second exposure of Earth during night. The scintillating view of the stars and the dark sky is just mesmerizing.

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