Gut Bacteria Hints To Healthy Aging

Aug, 2021 - By WMR

Gut Bacteria Hints To Healthy Aging

Healthy adult generations have different populations of microbiomes with improved secondary bile acids.

Maybe the connection of life and the bacteria within our intestine is now one of the odd concerns of scientific research. A new research by the Journal Nature, which investigates the centenary microbiomes provides insight into how gut bacteria can cause healthy ageing. The study examined the fecal samples from 160 Japanese centenarians. The group was 107 years old on average and most of people were free from chronic illness like cancer or diabetes. These findings have been compared with a group of the elderly, aged mid-eighties and a young group aged 20 to 50. In particular, in comparison with the two tests, the scientists detected a number of bacterial species specially enriched within the centenary group.

In the formation of secondary bile acids the bacteria detected in the people aged above 99 years are considered to play an important role. Bile acids are essential components for efficient metabolism and digestion. Primary bile acids are synthesized in the liver, while bacteria produce secondary bile acids in the person’s gut. The key conclusions of this new study are the theory that these centennials can be relatively healthy to their extreme ages by keeping a various microbiome moduled by the high volume of these bile acids. The research focuses especially on an isolloLCA secondary bile acid. The scientists have carried out mice experiments and discovered that isoalloLCA directly feeds animals, and have hampered the progress of a number of pathogenic gut bacteria that play an inflammatory role.

The results can be connected with specific intestinal profiles following other centennial microbiome research suggesting healthy ageing. Kim Barrett, a UC San Diego researcher who has not worked on this new research, says that experiment of these kind has only shown interrelationships early in the day, but these research results definitely give a plausible causal mechanism worth exploring further. Further studies on manipulation of bile acids in the treatment of associated antibiotic resistant bacterial infections are one of the instantaneous findings of this research.

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