Genetic Sequencing Can Lead To Drug Abuse

May, 2021 - By WMR

Genetic Sequencing Can Lead To Drug Abuse

Researchers have separated gene sequences, which indicate greater risk of becoming addicted to drug.

Drug addiction can result in the occurrence of many other diseases in an individual which might be heritable as well. Scientists are of the impression that this vulnerability or dependability over drug can be stimulated by the action of genes. About 40 to 50 percent of the genes are behind this vulnerability. Likewise the genes are also responsible for the negative feedback, which might save a person from getting addicted.

In a study conducted by Max Planck Institute of Experimental Medicine, it was seen that most of the drug addicts take more than one substance, resulting in polytoxicomania. However, a lot of reports suggests that many genes are susceptible to the particular drugs on being used constantly, but genetic inclination towards polytoxicomania is not known.

Other risk factors include physical as well as sexual abuse. Especially constant use of alcohol and cannabis in around student life pave their way for the use of several other problematic chemicals. This is when the effect of polytoxicomania sets in. People having this disorder are totally detached from the social life because of impaired functioning. Additionally the effect of this polytoxicomania might also induce schizophrenia which might explain the occurrence and also the genetic reason of polytoxicomania.

Reports suggests that this schizophrenia is seen at a very early age. In several of these cases, suicidal incidents as well as weirdly aggressive behavior is also common. Blood sample of several such individuals are taken which showed unexpected variation in the DNA, because of over exposure to the harmful chemical elements.

To put a resistance towards excessive usage of drug, especially in the younger generation social as well as political strategies must be reformed properly. It will not only help the newer individuals from getting dependent on these drugs but also reduce the susceptibility of those who might be exposed to extra risk. However, people with genetic inclination might not be contained with social or political reform.  

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