Drinking Alcohol Moderately Reduces Risk of Death from Heart Disease

May, 2021 - By WMR

Drinking Alcohol Moderately Reduces Risk of Death from Heart Disease

Moderate drinking reduces the risk of death from cardiovascular disease by letting down stress, but drinking can also effect negatively on health outweighs any potential benefits.  

A new research has revealed that reasonable drinking is connect to a lesser risk of death from the cardiovascular disease. It is owing with the ability to decrease anxiety and tension in the brain. Though some researchers from American College of Cardiology said that consuming alcohol is not recommended as it is a way to reduces risk from heart disease. Drinking alcohol is also connected with other health problems which includes high blood pressure, obesity, cancer and other diseases which effect the heart.

The one who consume alcohol moderately their lifestyle routine will change drastically like the one can sleep calmly and in time, improvements in their regular diet, working out regularly and exercise, these are the better way to reduce risk from the disease. The people were divided into high, moderate and low consumption of alcohol based on the self-reported usage. Most important cardiovascular methods like stroke and heart attack were determined using diagnostic programs. Position Emission Tomography (PET) imaging was used to view at the function of the brain in regions of the brain accompanying with stress.

Alcohol can also help the heart by reducing pressure related brain signals. It also found during the brain imaging studies the stress related activity is advanced inside the brain of those who totally withdrew from usage of alcohol. Thus lesser in consuming alcohol is considered as drinking one alcohol for each week or less than that.

The one who consume more drinks weekly is known as heavy drinkers. Dr. Kenechuwu Mezue, a lead author of a fellow nuclear cardiology said that moderate amount of drinking can help through reduction of stress and can result to more relaxation and this leads to lower occurrence of heart disease. To lower the risk of heart disease people can also continue to focus on regular exercise or optimizing weight like while eating low sodium and low saturated-fat diet. Especially yoga is the best physical activity to get rid of the cardiovascular disease.

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