Cytokine Storm Alerted Via Wearable Sweat Sensor

Sep, 2022 - By WMR

Cytokine Storm Alerted Via Wearable Sweat Sensor

A recent study analyses and continually reports human host response messenger molecules associated to infection and inflammation. This sweat-based wearable technology from EnLiSense is truly transformational.

Around the world, infectious diseases are the main cause of death. A serious clinical syndrome linked to the host's defence against infection is sepsis. The cytokine storm, an activation cascade that will result in an autoamplifying cytokine production, is what causes infections to be as severe as they are. An electrochemical sweat sensor that's also portable and accessible identify chemokines in sweat and notify the wearer and medical professionals of a viral or bacterial infection was created by researchers at the University of Texas at Dallas in partnership with the company EnLiSense.  It also alerts the user to an imminent cytokine storm, in which the body releases large amounts of inflammatory chemicals with one fell swoop and frequently results in death. The wearable may be especially helpful in cases of severe COVID-19, where a cytokine storm poses a serious risk.

It's interesting that the sensor enables medical professionals to predict if a patient is more likely to have a bacterial or viral illness, albeit a subsequent testing would be necessary to identify the precise pathogen. The wearer doesn't need to engage in severe exercise to produce enough sweat for the sensor to carry out measurement; the sensor can work through passive sweat. The sensor is being used by ill people only , so it's a positive notion.

The ability to continuously and in real-time measure and report human host reaction messenger molecules related to inflammation and infection makes this sweat-based wearable technology from EnLiSense really revolutionary. The new sensor can analyse perspiration in real-time, although it still requires daily replacement of the disposable sweat collection strip that is part of the gadget. The device's ability to serve as a mechanism for cytokine storm early warning, which can happen during a variety of dangerous diseases, is its most useful feature. Clinicians may have a better chance of preserving a patient's life if they are alerted to an imminent cytokine storm.

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