Brave Browser Sanctions Decentralization/Peer-To-Peer Web Hosting Service

Mar, 2021 - By WMR

Brave Browser Sanctions Decentralization/Peer-To-Peer Web Hosting Service

Considering the privacy of users, Brave Browser has announced that they have integrated native for InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) protocol.

Developed by Brave Software Inc., Brave Browser took a step ahead by opting to host a decentralized web system which will enable the ‘privacy-concerned’ users to have power over the control and possession their data. The IPFS protocol will allow users to access censored content on the web, which was blocked in HTTP and HTTPS. Launched back in 2015, this peer-to-peer networking system has been getting encouraged by other open-source networks due to its ability to display the content that was restricted by governments. Brian Bondy, CEO of Brave, said that ‘Integrating the IPFS open-source network is a milestone in making the Web more decentralized, transparent and resilient’.

This feature will come in the latest version of Brave 1.19. With support from IPFS protocol, the URLs will have ‘ipfs://’ as the prefix. Integration with IPFS will provide users additional content with reduced server costs. With added support from IPFS protocol, Brave Browser is expected to help improve the overall resilience of the Internet.

Another feature that Brave Browser allows its users is that they can send crypto-currency to the content creators and websites in the form of tokens. Now web users can access blocked websites, restricted content and other critical information, with the help of the Brave Browser which already has 24 million active users. As data is distributed and stored closer to the accessing users, the browsing speed will be faster with lesser server costs.

Private browsing is the best feature that Brave browser offers to its users. It was ranked at 4th position in a survey of ‘Best Android Browsers’. Decentralized systems are finding more acceptance for the open-source browsers as everyone in the business wants to grab the opportunities related to crypto-currency.

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