Awareness About Overlooked Hacking ‘Bluebugging’ And Tips To Avoid It

Dec, 2022 - By WMR

Awareness About Overlooked Hacking ‘Bluebugging’ And Tips To Avoid It

Bluebugging allows hackers to easily access one’s conversations, contacts and other sensitive information and even can have charge over the contact book and may record discussion.

With the development in technology. Smartphones and computers are less dependent on wired connectivity for many earphones and charging. Majority of the mobile devices are now not even equipped with 3.5mm audio jack and the upcoming tech companies are inclining the mass people to adopt wireless earbuds and headphones.

All time activation of Bluetooth leaves the device easily vulnerable to get highjacked though the technique called as Bluebugging.

Bluebugging also known as Bluejacking or Bluesnarfing, happens when hackers access to device with active findable Bluetooth connections and can use the data available in the device.

The hacker is nearby the device to be attacked, say just 10 meters around. By brute force pairing technology connects to the phone with active Bluetooth. Once the entry is possible inside the phone, then the hacker install malware and steal all the sensitive details whether it be official corporate data or private videos photos. The hacker may even install tracking firmware to stalk the persons activity.

This Bluetooth protocol flaw is under exploitation by accessing the call history, users phone book, over hearing calls, transmitting and reading messages, said by the security researcher Martin Herfurt.

Though the mobile phones in market have high security against Bluebugging or any related wireless hacking, but the cyber criminals rigorously keep updating self to upcoming technologies so that they can misuse any loophole under security in the device software or hardware.

How can one safeguard self from getting Blue bugged?

  • Always be updated with the latest software rolled out.
  • Avoid access to publicized wi-fi and if have had accessed to public wi-fi, then American National Security Agency advices to always reboot the device after it.
  • Reject receiving request of any message or file via Bluetooth from unknown device.
  • Do not name Bluetooth or wi-fi support with personal name to get personally targeted.
  • Practice scanning of device by anti-virus application.
  • Never shop online or engage in any financial transaction when connected to public wi-fi.
  • Do not share any sensitive data or passwords via Bluetooth.

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