Anti-Aging Therapy Reverses Aging Mouse Cells To Younger State

Apr, 2022 - By WMR

Anti-Aging Therapy Reverses Aging Mouse Cells To Younger State

Scientists treated mice with anti-aging routine starting in the middle age that restored cells safely and effectively to a youthful state without increasing any health issues later on in mice

The anti-aging research include various therapies and of the specifically promising therapy involves set of molecules called as Yamanaka Factors that is developed by scientists for rejuvenating aging cells, promote regeneration of muscle and tackle glaucoma. Now a group of scientists from Salk Institute demonstrated on mice that these molecules reverse aging signs of cells in middle-age mice and elderly mice, without causing any health problems or cancer later on after the treatment.

The Yamanaka molecules return the unique pattern of chemicals called epigenetic markers that progress to their original form by aging. The new research investigated the effects of these molecules on healthy animals approaching their latter stages of life, in order to determine whether the this approach gave anti-aging benefits and also to find out if it causes any negative health effects. The team injected the Yamanaka factors to middle-aged mice from 15 to 22 months old, which equal to 50 to 70 years age of human beings. The team treated another group of mice aging 12 to 22 months, equivalent of 35 to 70 years human age, and another group of mice aging 25 months, which equal to 80 years in human terms was administered with these molecules for only one month

As results, the team found that there were no blood cell or neurological changes or even signs of cancers and the mice seemed more youthful in various aspects. The team observed the epigenetic patterns were found in skin and kidneys and the skin cells proliferated as well as minimized scarring after injury in mice treated for 7 and 10 months. As these results were not observed in elderly mice treated for just a month, it concluded that the treatment duration determined the range of positive effects.

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