Services Research Reports

Location Based Services in India 2012

Aug 2012

Location based services or LBS is an information service that uses the ability of the global positioning capability using IP addresses of mobile devices and computers to deliver area specific information. It is more relevant to mobile devices such as smartphones and Tablet PCs. Marketing evolution e...

Smartphone Market in India 2012

Jul 2012

A Smartphone is a cellular phone with better, faster and enhanced operating abilities and performance which was earlier restricted to Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) and portable computers. Smartphones are rapidly replacing feature phones in India. With the number of vendors offering wide variety o...

Convenience Store Market in India 2012

Jun 2012

The Convenience Store Market in India is part of Netscribes' Consumer Goods Industry Series reports. The market will be boosted by the rising income levels coupled with changing lifestyle, resulting in increased demand for convenience shopping. The report begins with an introduction sec...

Legal Services Market in India 2012

Jun 2012

Post the initiation of the Indian Government's efforts towards globalization of industries, the Indian economic landscape has been weathered with phenomenal changes. As the country opens its gates to foreign investments, domestic concerns also tread the lines of expansion. Majority of the demand for...

Mobile Marketing in India 2012

Jun 2012

India houses 811.6 mn mobile subscribers. This huge subscriber base is split in 66:34 between rural and urban users respectively. With growing adoption of mobile devices across the varied levels of consumers, mobile as a medium for marketing and promotion provides the maximum reach in the country. C...

Enterprise Mobility Market in India 2012

Jun 2012

Major industry verticals including Retail, Banking, Financial Services and Insurance followed by Pharmaceuticals, Transportation and Logistics happen to be the foremost adopters of enterprise mobility in India. Growth in nation's GDP has infused a significant boost within these industries, as a resu...

Nanotechnology Market in India 2012

Jun 2012

Nanotechnology refers the applied part of nano science including the engineering to control, manipulate and structure the matter at an unimaginably small scale. Nanotechnology is still in a developing phase in India. With growing awareness and large amount of research and development dedicated towar...

Radio Cabs Market in India 2012

Jun 2012

Taxi transportation system in India has long been characterized by paucity of well-maintained vehicles, tampered meters and unruly behavior of drivers. The need for a hassle-free and smooth ride has long been on the anvil for the Indian transport authority. Though Government did not harp on the same...

Local Search Market in India 2012

Jun 2012

Local Search Market in India to grow at a healthy rate as internet penetration increases and local search increases their offerings and spread out in different platforms like mobile and offline. The report begins with an introduction which explains the features of online and offline sea...

Storage Market in India 2012

Jun 2012

Rapid spurt in data generation amongst both the enterprise as well as the consumer segment coupled with the massive SMB population is primarily pushing the storage market in India. Moving side ways with the nation's GDP growth, the trading and business activities across major industry verticals incl...

Online Advertising Market in India 2012

Jun 2012

From being a small scale industry, advertising is India has evolved into a significant domain both in terms of revenue generated as well as number of people employed. Today, marketing has graduated into a quintessential aspect in a product's success, be it a good or a service. Starting from brand im...

Online and Offline Classifieds Market in India 2012

Jun 2012

Favorable demographics and the rapid growth in the business services sector are predominantly paving a lucrative way for both online and offline classifieds market in India. The presence of a sizeable online advertising market and the rapid growth of print media further propel the market. Evolution ...

Internet of Things Market in China 2012

Apr 2012

The Internet of Things Market in China is part of Netscribes' Information Technology Industry Series reports. The market will be boosted by the huge industry applications coupled with widespread adoption of internet in China. The report begins with the definition of Internet of Things (...

IT Managed Services Market in India 2012

Apr 2012

IT Managed Services (ITMS) market in India, one of the most lucrative business segments within the IT services market is currently experiencing a steady growth and with holds a strong potential for the ensuing years. Post global slowdown, organizations are gradually recovering and hence majority of ...

Cloud Computing Market in China 2012

Apr 2012

The cloud computing market of China is poised to demonstrate a robust growth of 77.5% CAGR during 2010-15. The report begins with the brief introduction defining cloud computing with its key characteristics followed by a brief overview on the historical evolution of cloud computing. Sub...


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