Energy, Mining and Utilities Research Reports

Smart Grid Market in India 2013

Aug 2013

Netscribes' latest market research report titled Smart Grid Market in India 2013 covers a wide spectrum of concerns in the smart grid industry and identifies several factors impacting smart grid deployment in India. A Smart Grid is an ‘energy internet' that delivers real time energy information th......

Water and Waste Water Management Market in India 2013

Jul 2013

The new report, 'Water and Waste Water Management Market in India', states that growing urbanization and industrialization will foster the growth of the Water and Waste Water Management Market. Negligence and excess exploitation of water resources have resulted in scarcity in water supply. Water and...

Chrome Ore Market in India 2013

Apr 2013

Chrome ore finds extensive application in a wide range of sectors of the Indian economy. It is primarily utilized in the production of ferro chrome which in turn is used in the production of steel. The report begins with an overview of the major macro economic indicators which highlights the...

Wind Turbine Market in India 2013

Mar 2013

India is a major player in the global wind turbine market. In terms of wind power installed capacity, India is ranked 5th in the world. The report begins with an overview of the macroeconomic scenario prevalent in India currently. The introduction section which follows gives an overview...

Wind Power Market in India 2013

Feb 2013

Wind power generation has long been acknowledged as the fastest growing renewable energy sector in the country. Historically, the states of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Maharashtra and Gujarat have been the leaders in terms of total wind installations due to logistical and geographical advantage. ...

Photovoltaic Generator Market in India 2012

Dec 2012

Dropping solar power tariff rate is spurring the Indian photovoltaic generator market. The report begins with an introduction into the energy scenario in India. Installed capacity, demand supply gap of power prevailing in India and hence the need for renewable sources of energy is show...

Power Backup Market in India 2012

Oct 2012

Inadvertent power outages, thunderstorms, electrical circuit failure, blackouts, spikes and many other issues trouble the electricity supply in India. Herein rises the importance of clean, uninterrupted source of power supply. Power Backup devices in the form of gensets, UPS and inverters provide co...

Wind Energy Market in China 2012

Apr 2012

The Wind Energy Market in China is part of Netscribes' Power Industry Series reports. Increasing demand for energy coupled with rapid rise in newly installed capacity is expected to provide an impetus to rapid growth of the wind energy market in China. The report begins with the market ...

Solar Energy in China 2012

Mar 2012

The Solar Energy Market in China is part of Netscribes' Power Industry Series reports. The market will be boosted by the increasing demand for energy coupled with planned transformation from conventional to renewable energy sources. The report begins with a brief introduction of solar e...

Oil and Gas Market in China 2012

Mar 2012

Oil and Gas sector in China is expected to witness tremendous growth owing to the robust growth of the economy of China. The report begins with a detailed overview of the global oil and gas market that includes detailed coverage of global production, consumption and reserves for both oi...

E-Waste Market in India 2012

Feb 2012

Electronics and electrical products including computer and its equipments are one of the highest consumed products in India. With rapidly increasing electronics consumption, electronic waste generated by such product has also grown and expected to skyrocket in the coming years. With billions of cons...

Smart Grid Market in China 2011

Nov 2011

The smart grid market in China is one of the most dynamically growing sectors in China. Construction of the entire smart grid is expected to be completed by 2020. The report begins with a brief introduction to smart grid highlighting the infrastructural requirements for the development...

Mining Industry in India 2011

Oct 2011

The total mineral production in India has been growing strongly over the last few years and was valued at INR 2.01 tr in 2010-11. In the same year, mining industry's contribution accounted for 2.26% of the country's GDP. Rising demand from various sectors and high scope for mining exploration will p...

Biomass Market in India 2011

Sep 2011

Biomass market in India is growing steadily as new initiatives are being taken and investments start flowing in. Additionally, the government is giving various incentives and subsidies to promote the usage of biomass power. These measures can go a long way if the gap in demand and supply needs to be...

Waste Water Treatment Market in China 2011

Sep 2011

The Water and Wastewater Treatment Market in China is part of Netscribes' Cleantech Industry Series. China is currently facing severe water pollution and water shortage problems which provide ample scope of work in the industry. Wastewater treatment market was estimated to be approximately USD6 bn i...


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