Automotive Research Reports

Cold Chain Market in India 2014

Oct 2014

India is the second largest producer of fruits and vegetables in the world. Due to lack of adequate cold storage facilities, more than INR 100 bn worth of fresh produce is wasted every year in the country. In absence of improvements in the area of cold chain infrastructure, food wastage problem is l...

Electric Vehicle Market in India 2014

Apr 2013

Electric vehicle market is expected to witness phenomenal growth in the coming years. Increasing fuel costs, rise in pollution level and increasing government support will boost the adoption of electric vehicles in India. The report begins with an overview of the major macro economic indicator...

Auto Ancillary Market in India 2014

Mar 2013

Auto ancillary market is expected to witness steady growth in the next five years. The original equipment manufactures and auto aftermarket is generating huge demand for the auto ancillary products. The report commences with an overview of the major macro economic indicators which highlights t...

Logistics Services Market in India 2014

Feb 2013

Logistics services market India is on a growth trajectory owing to rapid globalization and 100% FDI allowance. Logistics services broadly encompass courier services, freight forwarding, third party logistics and reverse logistics. Growth in international trade is providing huge impetus to the demand...

Reverse Logistics Market in India 2014

Dec 2012

Government concern for sustainability and manufacturers continuous endeavor to garner customer satisfaction are the key drivers of reverse logistics. Significance of reverse logistics is perceived from both economic as well as environmental perspective. To state it simply, reverse logistics stands f...

Third Party Logistics Market in India 2014

Dec 2012

Indian economic growth is creating demand for third party logistics (3PL) services in the country. High cost of logistics, growing dependence on 3PL services from automobiles and auto components sector is expected to drive the demand for 3PL sector in India. Cost reduction coupled with high producti...

Courier Market in India 2014

Nov 2012

Global trade boom and sudden upsurge of e-commerce market is significantly boosting the courier market in India. A Courier is essentially a person or company that is engaged in transporting, dispatching and delivering messages, packages and mail at some extra cost. The service is distinctive by its ...

Freight Forwarding Market in India 2014

Sep 2012

Growth in international trade is providing huge impetus to the demand for freight forwarding in India. Furthermore, Intercontinental trade is expected to witness considerable growth in next five years. Freight forwarding sector in India has witnessed a significant growth due to robust economic growt...

Project Logistics Market in India 2014

Sep 2012

Growing investments in key sectors of the economy is driving the project logistics market in India. Project logistics refers to handling of shipment of over dimensional cargo (ODC) more importantly those that have to be delivered within stipulated time. Such cargo need to be generally transported to...

Warehousing Market in India 2014

Sep 2012

Growth in organized retail and increasing manufacturing activities in India are the key demand generators for warehousing space in India. Presence of extremely affordable and desirable e-Commerce options is also driving the warehousing demand. Further, the growth in international trade is providing ...

Cold Chains Market in India 2014

Jul 2012

Growth in organized retail and the food processing sector drives the cold chain market in India. Further shift towards horticultural crops by farmers to evade risk boosts the demand for cold chain. Rising demand for cold storage in pharmaceutical sector is also driving the growth in cold chain marke...

Container Logistics (CFS & ICD) Market in India 2014

Jul 2012

The rise in containerized cargo traffic has led to the growth in CFSs and ICDs. Development of a dedicated freight corridor running across India is expected to be beneficial for CFS/ICD providers. Strong growth and high profit margins are acting as incentives for existing and new players to make lar...

Rail Transport Market in India 2014

Jun 2012

Growth in international trade provides huge impetus to the growth in container rail market. Indian Railways earns the lions share from rail freight revenue owing to its dynamic tariff policy. With the privatization of the container rail service, rail freight gains popularity providing further scope ...

Electric Vehicle Market in China 2014

Apr 2012

The Electric Vehicle Market in China is part of Netscribes' Automobile Industry Series reports. Led by supportive government policies the electric vehicle market in China is expected to witness robust growth. The report begins with an overview of the different segments of electric vehic...

Logistics Market in China 2014

Feb 2012

The market is expected to get impetus amid growing Chinese economy coupled with increasing domestic consumption, resulting in increased demand for logistics. The report begins with an introduction section which comprises an illustration of the logistics industry framework wherein it dep...


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