Agriculture, Food and Beverages Research Reports

Edible Oil Market in India 2014

Jun 2012

The Edible Oil Market in India is part of Netscribes' Food and Beverage Industry Series reports. Led by growing health awareness the edible oil market in India is expected to witness robust growth. The report begins with an overview of the global edible oil market. This is followed by a...

Sugar Industry in India 2014

Jun 2012

The Sugar Industry in India is part of Netscribes' Food & Beverage Series reports. The market will be boosted by the rapidly growing food and beverage industry with increasing production of confectionaries, resulting in increased demand for sugar. The report begins with the marke...

Fertilizer Market in India 2014

May 2012

The report begins with an introduction of different types of fertilizers produced in India categorized as organic, bio and chemical fertilizers. Chemical fertilizer is the focus of the report, which also includes water soluble fertilizers. The market overview section provides details about the domes...

Ice Cream Market in India 2014

Apr 2012

India is considered to be the largest milk producer across the globe and accounts for one-fifth of the total global milk production. It constitutes of different sub segments of which ice cream has seen strong growth in the market. The Indian ice cream sector is a competitive market with strong compe...

Coffee Market in China 2014

Feb 2012

The Chinese coffee market is poised to witness phenomenal growth owing to rapid retail coffee chain expansion and growing popularity of instant coffee. The report begins with the global coffee market overview comprising the global market size and projected growth in production till 2012...

Branded Chocolate Market in India 2014

Feb 2012

Indian confectionery industry constitutes the largest food processing segment in India. It can be categorized into sub sectors such as sugar based confectionery, chocolate based confectionery and gums. In India, chocolates are considered as indulgence foods which find its off-takes as a result of im...

Dairy Market in China 2014

Jan 2012

The Dairy Market in China is part of Netscribes' Food and Beverage Industry Series reports. The market is expected to grow with increasing health consciousness among consumers coupled with several government policies and subsidies favoring the sector. The report begins with an introduct...

Wine Market in China 2014

Oct 2011

The market for wines in China has been traditional however; the Chinese consumer groups are now becoming more acceptable towards international and premium brands that are available in the market. Although, the preference of consumption is towards red wines but other varieties like white, sparkling a...

Juice Market in India 2014

Oct 2011

The juice market in India has been growing steadily and with the increase in health conscious consumers, the market is expected to get a boost. Among the major segments in the market namely fruit drinks, nectar and 100 percent fruit juice, the fruit drinks market accounts for the maximum market shar...

Dairy Market in India 2014

Oct 2011

Dairy market in India is poised to grow at a tremendous rate as the domestic market is witnessing strong increase in demand. New innovative packaging, development of new products is targeted at the retail customers so as to increase volume and penetration. The market which is predominantly controlle...

Packaged Food Market in China 2014

Jul 2011

Packaged food market in China was valued at USD 111 bn and is growing steadily. China's increased wealth has led to an increase in consumption of imported packaged food products. The huge scope of this market in China has made it lucrative for foreign players to venture into this sector. Rapid growt...

Bottled Water Market in China 2014

Jul 2011

Bottled water market is one of the fastest growing and competitive industries in China. It plays a major role in solving water pollution problems and providing the public with safe and convenient drinking water. Rising concerns amongst consumers regarding health and with increasing promotional activ...

Coffee Market in India 2014

Mar 2011

The coffee market in India has been growing due to the demand for Ready to Drink coffee and has become a part of an individuals daily consumption basket. Due to changing cultures, consumers are becoming aware of domestic and foreign brands which are boosting the consumption levels. The export promot...

Agriculture and Food Industry in India 2014

Jan 2011

The agriculture and food industry in India has been growing steadily with strong impetus from the government through various initiatives. Sectors that have witnessed strong private participation in the industry include seeds, fertilizer, farm equipments, warehousing, cold chains, food processing and...

Agrochemicals Market in India 2014

Jan 2011

Agrochemicals allow for sufficient food grain production in India. It has been traditionally used by the farmers to increase their farm yield. India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world and so is its population. In order to feed the ever growing population, cultivation of crops has t...


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