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Zero Trust Authentication to Provide Security for AR/VR Headsets

Security concerns in electronic devices have become one of the most burning issues. For this, device providers have come up with pin codes, biometric scanners, and passwords for smartphones, computers, and tablets, in order to prevent unauthorized access to these devices. However, over the years, novel devices such as AR and VR headsets have evolved […]

What is the role of AI in the COVID-19 Pandemic?

The world is swarmed by the COVID-19 pandemic since the January 2020. Ever since its breakout in Wuhan, China, in December 2019, ingenious fraternity around the world has come together to battle it. Not only from the healthcare and pharmaceutical sector but genius minds from technology and advanced computing sector have joined forces to fight […]

Loon enter into partnership to deal with tragedies associated with internet connectivity

With the aim of enhancing internet connectivity around the globe Loon Company entered into a partnership with AT&T – a telecommunication company. This partnership will support Loon to offer internet service more easily and quickly across high-altitude of disaster-zones areas. Alastair Westgarth, the CEO of the Loon Company, stated that under this partnership the Loon […]

A Brief History of ASR: Automatic Speech Recognition

This moment has been a long time coming. The technology behind speech recognition has been in development for over half a century, going through several periods of intense promise — and disappointment. So what changed to make ASR viable in commercial applications? And what exactly could these systems accomplish, long before any of us had […]

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